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Musings by Ari

there's a portal in my chest that's

starting to close, i wonder if you

feel it. i guess i can start

conjuring now.

i'll examine what wavers, how to make the

veins in my wrist separate and reform as

wings, wings that are of the mud - of my

ancestors, of a deeper sense of love.


Ari is a soft Salinas being, currently hunkered down in Monterey. They are a Taurus sun and rising: and as such love their earthly things. A big aspect they cling to within the earthly things is art. Any way they try to make art is an attempt to understand themselves better and to spew beautiful or disgusting perspectives that hopefully other folks will relate to. They also play music in a band called Bedrooms, but lately they've been at it solo, due to the current state of the world. They're honored to be able to share some feelings on this platform. Ari also asks that if you have the time, check out oldcapitolbooks.com for all of your book and whimsical needs. 

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