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The Petroglyph & Peccata Minuta

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Today we ask

what is the meaning

of anything?

All the mundane aspects

of life and all the great works

of the great men and women

are all just different types

of peccata minuta.

Maybe all the great works

are bigger peccata minuta

but how can we honestly justify

making such tiny distinctions?

Oh, but you still want a Great Passion

to justify your tiny and

almost indiscernible existence!

You still deem yourself worthy

of transcending the realm

of peccata minuta!

Very well. What is enough to justify

the psychological underpinnings

of purposeful human behavior?

Is making your mother proud enough?

Just what is enough to justify a life?

And how much pressure on the bones

is enough to question its viability?

But, is it really a question of its viability?

No, it's not a question of its viability.

It's a question of its justification.

Like when they say that time on TV

is very expensive they seem to forget

that if time on TV is expensive

time in space is not always even possible

or available or lasting or predictable

or replaceable or repeatable.

It's not a question of the viability of life in general.

It's a question of the justifiability

of our individual time in space.

It's a question of the intimate use

of our time and of our space.

Some of us are still working on it.


Not to be confused with any of the other poetically inclined pastries; there are quite a few of us. Buttered Roll is a poet, visual artist, and performer. He is making a concerted effort to locate his car keys. Buttered Roll has been a featured performer at numerous venues across the greater NYC area and his work has been published in Breadcrumbs Magazine, The Esthetic Apostle, and Mother Water Vol. 1.

Sergio Satélite is still writing his bio. But we all love him nonetheless. :)

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