Beside our curatorial process, we also offer self-publishing services for those who are looking for help in editing, designing and promoting their work. For any quote request, please send an email at, with a description of the book, page count, and time frame.


Proofreading, Copy Editing, Content Editing

w/ our Editor In Chief Brian Sheffield


Proofreading: Simply reading to check for general errors such as spelling and grammatical mistakes. Does not consider content. $3 per page, or about $20 per hour


Copy Editing: About improving style. Dealing mostly with flow and aesthetic when it comes to the writing and dealing less with content, though content might be involved if it feels like there are plot-holes or missing information. $5 per page, or $60 per hour.


Content Editing: This is digging into the content and changing work to make more sense. This might include taking out information or even adding in completely new information. Flow and grammar are noted here, but this is generally for when the book requires HEAVY editing work top to bottom. $8 per page, or $80 per hour.

Book Design____

Book Layout, Cover Design, Illustration

w/ our Artistic Director Claire Durand-Gasselin


Book Layout: This is all about the way the body of the text looks: title pages, chapter headings, page numbers, indentation, margins, etc. $6 per page, or $60 per hour.


Cover Design: The design of the color, the image(s) used, title design, back cover, etc. Usually a flat fee: $200 to $1000, depending on the amount of creative direction.


Illustration: Images created to go with or enhance the story elements of the book. Usually a flat fee per individual illustration: $150 to $500.


Navigating Writers/Publishers Industry, Social Media Promotion

w/ our Director & Curator Craig Kite

Marketing/Distribution: We can sit down with you and share advice on how to navigate the industry at a beginners level and how to market your art through online brick and mortar retailers, etc. $50 per hour.



Social Media Promotion: Promoting your book or event using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, email, plus live announcements and flyering at events. $100 for a weeklong campaign including at least 10 posts sent on your custom timing through our platfoms. $300 for same if design work for flyer or template is needed.)

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